Was I too optimistic in April when I wrote this, in “The Easter Bunny Cover-Up”?

As the truth comes out, thanks to the President’s tweets and revelations about the unconscionable behavior of the Obama leftovers—Brennan and Clapper and Comey and Rice, and all the rest of them—and as President Trump begins to chart his own course in foreign and domestic policy, we are most likely going to see the fable of Russian ‘influence’ in the election fade away like a weird dream.

Certainly President Trump’s public stock has risen in the wake of three disasterous hurricanes (following a ‘drought’ of 12 years), and the widespread praise for his Administration’s organization and help with relief efforts. His tough line on North Korea has won him admiration as well, despite criticism of his hilarious ‘Rocket Man’ taunt of Kim Jung Un (see Dilbert cartoonist and stimulating sage Scott Adams’s explanation of how effective such nicknames are at taking down self-inflated egos.  Unabashedly, Mr Trump stuck the label right in the middle of his UN speech, which Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu described as the best speech he had heard in 30 years at the UN.

Despite setbacks in Congress, largely because there are only 52 nominal Republicans in the Senate (and probably no more than 25 who actively support Mr Trump’s daring agenda), for Conservatives his list of accomplishments in only nine months is impressive. A commenter called ‘msher’ on an American Greatness thread sums it up:

Trump has delivered on many of his promises, and he alone among elected Republicans is fighting the culture war. Congress and the judiciary are blocking the agenda.

Beat Hillary – only one who could. Killed TPP, approved pipelines, nominated Gorsuch, rolled back Obama anti-energy and transgender and labor regs, deporting criminal illegals, has talked tough enough that number of illegals entering way down, is shrinking size of government by not filling vacancies, pulled out of Paris and is killing EPA climate change programs, got NATO members to start upping their defense budgets, is renegotiating NAFTA, just told UN to reform, got Russia and China to agree to N. Korea sanctions and may have strategy to get China to rein in Kim, apparently very good federal responses in two massive hurricanes, took first action against sanctuary cities (blocked by court), did not renew DACA – put it in hands of Congress (where it belongs), issued Muslim ban (blocked by courts).

Arguably, the President (as even his opponents call him) is on a roll.

But still the hanging over the Trump White House is the looming spectre of the Mueller investigation. The Special Counsel, mysteriously appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after AG Sessions recused himself and the President fired FBI Director James Comey, has hired some 15 high-powered investigative attorneys, all reportedly Democrat supporters and/or contributors. The Special Counsel’s Office has to file a Statement of Expenditures for the past six months in October, but if there is a budgetary limit no one can say.

It is all quite odd, as any such Office is part of the Justice Department, and anyone in that Department serves at the pleasure of the President. Clearly there is no such pleasure, as President Trump himself has called the investigation a ‘witchhunt’. But he is enjoined, certainly by the press, but probably by his staff, from precipitously firing Mr Mueller and terminating the whole business, because of likely political fallout. Never mind that such fallout would blow mostly from the leftwing press, which is adamantly opposed to everything Mr Trump attempts, and from the Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans in Congress, whose bloviations the press would amplify hysterically.

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