Flotsam and Jetsam

[Back when we had small kids in the house, I used to don a funny hat, and affecting a faux-Cockney accent, would prowl around the house as Clean-up Inspector.  Invariably I would  find all manner of “flotsam and jetsam,” which required remediation.  It was only a moderately successful ploy, but it entertained the kids a little, and did get some things put away.  So herewith, I propose collecting an occasional bucket of odd effluvia from the digital ripples of my hard drive, which I will call “Flotsam and Jetsam.”  The topics will vary; this time it’s politics.]


Mrs. Clinton’s Get-Out-of-Jail Card

At the first ‘debate’ of the Democrats who claimed, at the time, to be seeking their party’s nomination for the Presidency, the high point (for Clintonistas) and the low point (for Republicans) was when Bernie Sanders effectively threw in the towel:

For the Democrats, the path to Mrs. Clinton’s coronation remains free of obstructions. When Bernie the Red turned to her and said, in his best Brooklynese, “Enough of the emails!” to roaring applause, that was the signal that no law-breaking, no traitorous revealing of secrets, no under-the-table dealings of the Clinton Crime Family, none of that would matter. The token opposition on stage would not stand in her way.

Will the Republicans nominate someone who will point the finger and say, “J’accuse”? Or will they find another pusilanimous McCain or Romney, afraid to speak ill of a . . .woman?

(Commented on Powerline Blog 14Oct15)

Buy Trump Another Beer

Jeb Bush had only a few good lines at the last Republican ‘debate’; one was in defense of his brother, that following September 11th, 2001, W had “kept us safe.” Donald Trump attempted a riposte, in his clumsy way, by claiming that the attacks on that terrible day were on President Bush’s watch, so he hadn’t kept us safe after all. This was as disingenous as Mr Trump’s nasty crack at John McCain, that he was no ‘hero’ because he had been captured; it was even more belabored as ‘The Donald’ went on to claim that his immigration policies would never have allowed these Saudi terrorists into the country.

Of course there was much fault to go round, stemming from the Clinton administration, for Mohammed Atta and company’s presence in America, but this was not the substance of Mr Trump’s dig. As I wrote:

Donald Trump just spouts whatever pops into his head, without thought or reflection. George W. Bush had been in office only 20 months on September 11, 2001. The immigration policies in place were those of the Clinton and previous administrations. William J. Clinton had the opportunity to take out al Qaeda in Afghanistan and failed. To say that “September 11th happened on Bush’s watch, so he didn’t keep us safe, did he?” is just fatuous shoot-from-the-hip slander. But it is typical of Mr. Trump’s thoughtless baloney. Just buy him another beer and let him close the bar, while the rest of us figure out how to get a real conservative, one who knows what he’s talking about, into the White House.

(Commented on Powerline Blog 19Oct15)

Time to Stop Playing Games

Another Powerline comment:

Donald Trump and Ben Carson have one thing in common: a profound ignorance about world affairs. Listen to Donald Trump answer questions and you will soon realize there’s no ‘there’ there: it’s vacuous braggadocio, shoot-from-the-hip accusations, and no hint of any substance. Ben Carson appears the opposite: he’s soft-spoken, humble, without a trace of rancor; but his responses betray a serious naiveté (we could have avoided Afghanistan by becoming energy-independent?). Neither Mr Trump nor Dr Carson have the knowledge and understanding necessary for managing the affairs of the United States in a hostile and fractious world. Compared to these two, even the bumptious and often egregious Joe Biden will appear better suited for the job, and you can bet the Democrats will make that case.

The Republicans may not have another Ronald Reagan in the wings, but they do have more qualified people than Trump and Carson. Mitt Romney may have been a RINO, but he would have made a good President, a vastly better one than the current occupant of the White House. I think Senator Cruz is on that level, and he is a real conservative to boot. Time to stop playing games with fantasy TV-show ‘candidates’ and get serious. The future of the Free World is at stake.

(Commented on Powerline Blog 20Oct15)

Who Will Challenge the Clinton Lies?

The Democrats were happy that Mrs Clinton withstood many hours of questioning by the Republican half of the Special House Committee on Benghazi (if that’s its official name), and her fans in the media were delighted with her ‘performance’, which enabled them to entirely ignore her repeated lying, which she disguised with a litany of detailed, bureaucratic excuse-making. Outside of rightwing talk radio and the blogosphere, when the campaign really gets under way, can anyone call her out and get away with it?

Donald Trump may have the effrontery to challenge Mrs. Clinton for her manifold lies, malfeasance, and dereliction of duty, but he will do it in such a hamhanded way that it will leave him open for being a gratuitous bully (which he is).

But there is one candidate who can do it with the skill of a verbal surgeon, and to devastating effect: Senator Ted Cruz. And while others might hold back, for fear of ganging up on the potential “first woman President,” Ted Cruz won’t.

(Commented on Powerline Blog 23Oct15)

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