“Made in America”: The Key to Republican Victory

Made in America logos

I sent the little speech below to Senate candidate Geoff Diehl here in Massachusetts, proposing that the Federal mid-term elections are all, for both Senate and House, a referendum on President Trump and his policies.  Mr Diehl did not use it, choosing instead to focus on his (laudable) experience in Massachusetts, arguing that he can better represent our state than a Democrat who “won’t have a seat at the table” of the President.

But this argument neglects an undercurrent of national pride that President Trump has generated throughout the country, even here in Massachusetts.  There are signs of a growing revolution that could easily result, not in a ‘Blue Wave’ this month, but a ‘Blue-Collar Wave’ of working people who don’t participate in polls and don’t advertise their support for the President.

Here is the speech every Republican candidate for the Senate and the House should give:

(1) My campaign is not about defeating my opponent.  It is not just about our state.  It is about. . .


(3) Barack Obama told the working people of America “You didn’t build that.”  He was wrong.  You and your fellow citizens did build this nation, the greatest nation on Earth.

(4) But the leftwing ‘Progressives’, from Woodrow Wilson on, have been intent on taking this legacy away, turning more and more of your heritage over to the big Federal government and increasingly to global institutions.  They have left much of this country hollowed out, with jobs and industry outsourced to foreign countries and huge numbers of your fellow citizens on welfare and food aid.

(5) The election of Donald Trump has begun to turn this around.  President Trump is cutting taxes and regulations, and making new trade deals that are bringing business and manufacturing back to the United States.  Unemployment is dropping dramatically, and companies are moving home, starting new factories and creating new products with American labor and ingenuity.

(6) Increasingly, when you buy products for your home or business, you will see the great slogan, “MADE IN AMERICA” once again.  Not “Made in China,” not “Made in Malasia,” not even “Made in Mexico”; just “MADE IN AMERICA.”

(7) The Democrats have voted against every one of President Trump’s initiatives.  They work every day to block President Trump’s programs for prosperity in America and peace through strength in the world.  They even voted against our newest member of the Supreme Court, Justice Kavanaugh, a jurist who will help restore the Federal government to its Constitutional role in American life.  

(8) To summarize:

  • If you want to continue to “Make America Great Again”;

  •  if you want to see America’s economy grow by leaps and bounds;

  •  if you want a nation that offers a good job and a secure future to every American citizen;

  • if you want to see our liberties untrammeled by rules and regulations and millions of distant bureaucrats;

  • if you want to see our nation’s power respected on the seas, in the air, and in space;

  •  and if you want to see “MADE IN AMERICA” in our stores once again;

  • then you must vote for Republicans for the United States Congress. 

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