Comments are open and moderated.  Woefully off-topic comments will be ‘snipped’ (hat tip Anthony at WUWT), as will vulgarity.  You never know when your kids may be reading.  Gratuitous insults directed at other commenters (or me) may be snipped.  You may comment anonymously, but using your real name encourages honesty and civility.

You must put in a valid email address when commenting.  It will not be published.

It may take a while before your comment appears.  I am not at the computer 24 hours a day (even though my wife thinks I am), and even then, I may not be looking at the email account to which WordPress sends comments.

I will consider Guest Posts, though probably not until, and if, this weblog gets more established.  Write to me at repletewrue AT yahoo DOT com.  All posts and images are copyright, all rights reserved, and may not be republished without permission from the author.  Quotations are used under Fair-Use conventions, and reproduced images are Public Domain unless indicated.

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