Passenger Disrobes Airline Officials!

Officials say a Spirit Airlines flight leaving Las Vegas was briefly delayed after a passenger removed all their clothes while boarding and approached a flight attendant. . .

Once again, political correctness defeats grammar.  Then, there is little evidence that the AP writer was careful about his (the neutral pronoun in English) copy:

KTNV reports the flight was delayed by about 30 minutes and arrived 20 minutes behind scheduled. [sic]

Well, the headline writer figured it out, sort of:

Officials disrobed 2017-07-31 at 9.32.40 AM

Still doesn’t tell us whether the passenger was male or female.  Prurient minds want to know!  /LEJ

3 thoughts on “Passenger Disrobes Airline Officials!

    • But what sex were the officials? 😉

      Thanks for the link to the USA Today (bylined) article. Given that Spirit was posting ‘BARE FARE’ all over its airplanes, it was doubtless inevitable that someone would strip. This may be a trend! /LEJ

  1. Yes – HA!. The other part of the joke is that one could interpret “removed their clothes” ( done to avoid using a gender pronoun) to mean the passenger removed the airline officials’ clothes. So the headline “Naked passenger” obviously clarifies whose clothes were removed, and later reports do regress socially to the use of a gender pronoun.

    From: Sarah Reilly [] Sent: Monday, July 31, 2017 10:28 AM To: Walking Creek World ; Jane Joiner Subject: Re: [New post] Passenger Disrobes Airline Officials!

    It was a man. So stop wishing you had been there…. No information was provided about his physique in any case.

    Whether the flight attendant was male or female is still not clear. I should hope we no longer assume all flight attendants are female (eye roll).


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